Fun Food Fonts Infographic


Just for fun, we’ve compiled a compendium of comestibles, a gathering of gourmet and gourmand delights, all in the form of FONTS! Please feel free to share and share it everywhere.

Fonts inspired by food and drink can add sparkle and life to your graphics. One of the things that brightens our day is the creative names for fonts. We were only a little bit surprised by how many font-crafters were inspired by their morning coffee or tea. But we were taken aback by how many fonts were named for condiments! Sandwiches weighed in a little light, so write us if you’ve made a font named after America’s favorite lunch staple. Our carbs section at lower left is the tip of the carbs and dessert iceberg when it comes to fonts — that is the category that is by far the most hefty, so to speak. Just chocolate alone in its various forms had many font-erations. But those will have to wait for Fun Food Fonts Infographic, the sequel. Coming soon!

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