A Great Solution to Short Run Luxury Packaging

We get phone calls all the time about packaging solutions in low quantities. highresolution can produce beautiful packaging as low as 50 pieces. There are 10 standard sizes and there is one that will fit your needs. Available in many colored papers, we are able to print using UV inks right onto the cover. And as we know that the items being placed in these boxes vary, highresolution will custom manufacture a platform that will suit your needs. Lastly, there are also options for a removable lid or a hinged lid. Costs are affordable and the timing can be produced in as soon as 2 weeks.

Trust your brand only to experts

We have been the go-to luxury printing company for New York City’s top brands and designers for over 30 years, rising to the challenge of producing unique and creative custom materials. We know a great deal of hard work went into your concept. highresolution® will execute to perfection, applying the right combination of technology, techniques, and creative finishing to achieve remarkable, and often award-winning, results. Our loyal customers know they can count on white-glove service and flawless production of their high-end packaging. For our new customers, we delight in partnering to achieve a creative vision and sharing the educational knowledge that makes projects come to life. Learn more about our work process on our blog, LifeinHighRes.com.

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