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A great way to make custom packaging out of stock containers is labels. We love these labels we make for Brooklyn’s super-hip juicerie Tiny Empire. They shout GREEN and the graphics are hip and all of the labels have the brand’s ethos imprinted on them, which we love, because it answers the question on every consumer’s mind “What’s in it for me?”. Here’s their mantra:

“It’s a big city. Which is why you can’t underestimate the small stuff. After all it’s the small stuff that gets you through – whether it’s a swim across the Hudson or a ride on a packed L train. At Tiny Empire, we make small batches of raw, organic, unpasteurized juices that are packed with big flavor and essential nutrients. We find it’s all you need to make this city your own.”

We love this shot from their instagram of the labeled bottle in action!

bwbikejuiceIf you need any more incentive to check out Tiny Empire, see them recommended here, named among Brooklyn’s best here, and among the best juices for your body, here. We also print their menus.


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