Old School’s New Rules

In the world of printed collateral, the rules have changed. If you send an actual mailed invitation in addition to your e-blasts for a special event, your brand will stand out from the pack. Just a decade ago the opposite was true. But in order to convince brand management that your need for a printed invitation is real, you had better also present them with something exceptionally compelling, cost effective and without a long lead time.

Luxury jewelry brand David Yurman chose highresolution to help them find a printed invitation solution that’s customizable for the brand’s many events and locations. We collaborated to with John Saldivar to arrive at something that is both economical and elegant. The esteemed firm uses the format for events in stores nationwide. Here it is:

David Yurman Invitation

Here’s what our client, John Saldivar, of David Yurman, said:

 HighResolution has helped us elevate part of our business. They have problem-solved and developed ways to print what we need to the highest of standards while staying within our different budgets. Together, we have developed a David Yurman invitation for all outlets of our business that is recognizable and becoming a standard.

For more on this topic, and tips for adding luxurious printed matter to your own brand’s marketing mix, see Five Tips for Irresistible Invitations.

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